Top of the Month

Although more details about the 125 feet (38 meters) Explorer are yet to be unveiled, next January 2019, Superyacht – russian edition – dedicates a full page to our first ever superyacht sale.

Yacht Turkey is also reporting the new with a “redirectioning” link to the dedicated webpage on our site. Take a look: with a single click you can ask us to keep you informed and up-to-date on this exciting project.

Here they come: we just added two new tri-deck concepts to our range of superyacht supply vessels. The two projects, measuring 35 and 50 metres, have been designed in collaboration with Giovanni Ceccarelli and focus on maximising deck space for toys and tenders. Click and enjoy a video interview with the designer.

Both designs feature steel hulls and aluminium superstructures with composite materials for the top deck. This results in optimal weight distribution and increased comfort. More on the new RSY 50m Supply Vessel, here.

With an 8.25 metre beam, the 35 metre concept has enough space for a tender on the main deck, a deployment crane and an optional 6.7 metre infinity pool, which can be covered to make way for space to store a mini submarine. Follow this link to the RSY 35m dedicated webpage.