Top of the Month

The interior and contemporary design specialized magazine “Interni” has dedicated 2 full double pages review to our 52m Supply Vessel. Inside september’s issue, Giovanni Griggio’s project went under a “scrupulous scrutiny” of the renowed design experts, winning their hearts and appreciations.

Deck after deck, from exteriors to interiors, Interni has driven a meticulous investigation on each single design solution adopted on board of this superyachts, that likely represents one of the few examples of ship building know-how, innovative nautical architecture and applied italian design.

On the italian “lifestyle” magazine Gentlemen our new RSY 38m Explorer is featured as an example of actual trend in the nautical sector. Safety, together with performance and elegance are the keys to the actual international superyachts market.

Indeed, the Russian magazine “Lodka” is featuring the RSY 38m Explorer as a reference of the actual yacht design trends that are showing a growing interest for luxury vessels capable to safely sail the seven seas, also in extreme conditions, yet with elegance and charme. Better if “Made in Italy” πŸ™‚