Simple, not simpler.

“A project always starts with an idea, with a scratch.” In an exclusive video interview, Giovanni Ceccarelli reveals what makes his design so unmistakable. Watch it here.

“In both concepts, the hulls and superstructures are part and parcel of each other, much like in sailboat design.” A closer look to the new 35m Supply Vessel designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli can be taken here.

“Simple, not simpler! I wanted to create an original exterior profile distinguished by clean, essential lines that eliminate superfluous elements to arrive at a truly timeless design.” More on the 50m Supply Vessel, here.

RSY’s brand mission is to provide our client with as much flexibility as possible by offering a wide range of different proposals that can be further customized according to their needs. Both new concepts meet this mission.” – says RSY CEO Fulvio Dodich.