Safe as steel, strong as Will

We’re very proud to introduce our new advertising campaign to you. The print ad is dedicatetd to the value of heritage and it features Petter Johannesen, descendant of Roald Amundsen and member of our team. Want to know where this story leads to? Keep reading 🙂

RSY’s new advertising campaign celebrates the value of heritage: in this sense, Petter Johannesen and our vessels have a lot in common. Indeed, just as Petter Johannesen inheritated his explorer spirit from his great-uncle Roald Amundsen, our vessels share more than 90 years shipbuilding experience with Rosetti Marino. Nowadays we build fully customised superyachts, explorers, supply and support vessels, built to safely sail the seven seas. With this campaign we are starting a comprehensive communication project dedicated to the power of innovation, or like we like to call it, the heritage of the future. #JoinTheJourney

A serie of integrated communication initiatives took place on our Social Media: here 6 different posts were comparing how heritage matters in both Petter’s life and in our shipyard’s history.