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Founded in 2017, Rosetti Superyachts is Fulvio Dodich’s newest challenge, bringing the same values and tireless pursuit of excellence shared by the Rosetti Marino Group.

This is a prestigious brand in the luxury nautical sector, with the experience and know-how that comes from having set the standard for the production of luxury vessels in Italy.

“Our strategy is to create an exclusive product in which the meticulous design and strength of construction, according to a strict North European style inherited from the DNA of the Rosetti Marino Group, are enhanced by the excellence and unique, unparalleled style of Italian design.” 

In 2019, to celebrate the value of heritage and its importance for our shipyard, we have also created an integrated advertising campaign. The print ad is featuring Petter Johannesen, explorer, descendant of Roald Amundsen and member of our team. Have you ever read any of his #PursuitOfADream articles?

“The campaign’s headline – Safe as steel, strong as Will – tells a lot about our philosophy. The sea is an adventure that requires humanity’s best qualities: intelligence, strength, curiosity, and the will to overcome personal limits. It forces you to give the best of yourself. For this reason, we want to create a unique and unparalleled sailing experience, opening new horizons in luxury navigation with completely customized explorers and yachts, designed and constructed to let you appreciate the sea in all its infinite beauty even when external conditions are extreme. We “simply” want to make the Sea, the most beautiful place on Earth”.